Did Disneyland Remove the Hanging Man from Haunted Mansion?

Earlier today, the official Disney Parks Blog posted a big ol update about The Haunted Mansion’s face lift. We knew the Imagineers were hard at work updating more than one attraction. In a way, Disneyland’s pandemic shutdown was a good thing for getting the work done quickly. And, without interrupting guests!

The Haunted Mansion updates look pretty good, actually. Nothing too drastic-


What about the Hanging Man in the elevator portion?!?

A quick glance at this video posted by the Parks Blog almost makes it look like….he’s….gone?

Back in July of 2020, folks were discussing the hanging man, and whether or not the parks should consider removing him from the ride. Yes, the Haunted Mansion is a celebration of the macabre, but one could argue the hanging man doesn’t really fit the rest of the tongue in cheek depictions of death.

Sure, it could just be a bad view of that moment on the ride, but. Guess we’ll have to wait for the parks to reopen on April 30th, 2021.