“Stardew Valley” 1.5 Update is Available on Console

The long awaited 1.5 update for the indie game “Stardew Valley” has been out on PC for two months now, but console players finally have a chance to see what it’s all about. Sorry mobile players- you still have to wait a bit longer.

The update mainly features a new island that you can get to by fixing Willy’s boat, but it also adds a new farm variant, clothes, items, NPCs, a cave system, a resort, and many many more features!

This update might be the biggest that ConcernedApe has released, and it’s going to be well worth the wait. A big part of the update is the option to have a guaranteed first year completion, so if you’re an avid “Stardew Valley” speed runner, or you just want to do the first year challenge, it’s guaranteed to be possible.

Curtesy of ConcernedApe’s Twitter

If you’re big on secrets and hidden items in the game, now you have a much higher chance to see the Stone Owl and the Strange Capsule. Those two items used to be debated if they were even in the game because they were so rare. They scanned 30 random tiles, and they had to be empty. the problem, is that you had absolutely no control of what tiles it scanned, and it only happened around once every in-game year. But now, the chances are higher!

Curtesy of ConcernedApe’s Twitter

Another huge piece of why this was so big is all of the quality of life things they fixed. You can sit on chairs and couches, certain furniture can be placed outside of your house, you can talk to people while mounted on your horse, and other great little changes that we didn’t know we needed.

There are still so many things waiting to be discovered in the game, so update your apps, load a new farm, and have fun!

Stardew Valley” is available on PlayStation, xBox, and Nintendo Switch.

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