Confundus Charm: Possible Harry Potter Live-Action Series at HBO Max?

The Hollywood Reporter seems real confused about a story they published this morning, and it’s leaving us wondering if they hit us with a Confundus charm or something. The outlet claims HBO Max is currently developing a live-action “Harry Potter” series for their new streaming platform, but also says HBO and WB told them very clearly that they’re not?

So which is it?

We know the “Harry Potter” franchise is a big, huge entertainment and money making enterprise, right? Warner Bros. Pictures just named one person to over see the entire Wizarding World for the studio, kinda out of no where.

But considering the issues the current in-development hell Wizarding World film in is with the departure of one of their big name stars at the studio’s request, their ability to move forward with another Harry Potter project seems….in question.

THR offers nothing other than a “source,” and normally that’s enough for us to trust them on. BUT, in the same piece, they also offer this statement from an HBO Max, Warner Bros. rep who says- “There are no Harry Potter series in development at the studio or on the streaming platform.”

We feel like we should also mention that the rights to any Potter films or media are still very much tied to their creator, J.K. Rowling. If you’ll recall, she’s sort of doubled down on her highly controversial and downright awful stance on trans women, identifying herself as a TERF, and alienating a large portion of her fanbase in the process. There were immediate statements released from many of the “Harry Potter” cast condemning Rowling, and moves by the studio to distance the franchise from her personal feelings. But, there is only so much they can do with a pretty iron-clad contract, so she’ll still have a say in any possible live-action projects.

Using the streaming platform to create a new Potter tale would make sense, and we really won’t be surprised if it happens, eventually. But for now, we’re gonna assume this isn’t a thing until WB confirms it.

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