Get Your Own Bernie Sanders Inauguration [Oven] Mitts!

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders wowed us all with his function-over-fashion choices at the inauguration of President Joe Biden, wearing those beautifully hand-knit mittens that immediately became an internet sensation. If you want to get yourself a handy kitchen accessory and honor your favorite lawmaker grandpa at the same time, we have the perfect thing for you.

Nerdy Novelty Design is taking preorders for oven mitts made with this fabulous design based off the now-famous pair that’ll last you a long time. (Much like Bernie’s mittens have, since it’s been pointed out that he’s worn these exact same pair for the last three years).

These oven mitts will be perfect for cooking up something yummy in the kitchen! And it can be your secret as to the origin when others come over if you want them to be, or they don’t align with your brand of politics. They’re nice enough to just have and love them because they’re cozy and cute.

If you would like to pre-order these oven mitts for yourself or a friend, you can do that on Nerdy Novelty Design’s Etsy here.

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