This Bubble Wrap Calendar is The Most Satisfying Thing

If only there was a way to have a year-long advent like calendar for each month. Something where you could do something every single day, and not just for the holidays. Well there is! And if you love popping bubble wrap, you’re going to be very excited.

BubbleWrapCalendar on Etsy is selling huge poster calendars with the big bubble wrap attached. There is a row for each month and a bubble for each day. So whether you like to pop the bubbles in the morning or right before bed that’s up to you!

Each poster measures 48 inches by 15 inches. They also come with a set of circle stickers so you can write on them and mark special days like birthdays or anniversaries. The calendar is available in multiple languages such as Germain, Spanish, French, English and Italian. Made with Real Bubble Wrap for a bigger POP! It’s a daily reward for everyone!

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