Stardew Valley 1.5 Will Bring “Advanced Options” and Beach Farms

“Stardew Valley” is an indie darling. Like many people, we put hundreds of hours into exploring dungeons and improving our farm. Now, we will soon have a reason to do it all over again. Developer Eric Barone, AKA ConcernedApe, recently tweeted about new features coming with the game’s 1.5 update. Update 1.5 will bring players beach farms and some “advanced game options.”

At the start of “Stardew Valley,” players must choose which type of farm they would like to start. Normally, there are six farm types to choose from: standard, riverland, forest, hilltop, wilderness, and four corners. However, update 1.5 will add beach farms to the possible options. According to the description, beach farms are “good foraging and fishing, and tons of open space. Sometimes, supply crates wash up on shore. However, sprinklers don’t work in the sandy soil.” Not being able to use sprinklers will certainly add a unique challenge to the game.

Additionally, update 1.5 promises new “advanced game options.” While restoring the community center, you will now be able to choose between two types of bundles. There are the classic bundles and new bundles that require different crops or foraging materials. These new options will make it possible for you to entirely restore the community center within the first year of the game. You will also be able to change up the rewards you get from the mine.

Other new features include allowing monsters to spawn on your farm, the ability to move your bed, a new banana tree, and split-screen co-op mode. It seems that Barone is working on this new update as we speak. We do not have an official release date for the update yet, but hopefully it will arrive soon.

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