Drink From This Baby Yoda Mug While Watching “The Mandalorian” S2

Ready for season two of “The Mandalorian”? Do you have all your merch of The Child set up and ready to go? Well we just found something you may want to incorporate into your watch time. This adorable 3D Baby Yoda mug can hold coffee, tea or any other beverage you’d like to accompany your season two watch time.


This mug is going for $18 and is one of the cutest things we’ve seen come out of “The Mandalorian”. Here’s the product description from Firebox.com:

Season two of the Mandalorian is finally upon us, and now you enjoy the inevitable Disney+ binge with a nice hot drink served in this Baby Yoda 3D Mug.

Just look at that cute, if slightly vacant face. So much pathos in those eyes.

Sure, there’s handle on the back but why not grab onto his enormous ears and drink from it like a beaker! Oh and if hot drinks aren’t your thing, this lil’ guy also makes an excellent planter.

They also state that this is an officially licensed Star Wars mug and that it makes an excellent planter. So you can grow The Child some hair if you want to. Otherwise they do have an official Baby Yoda Chia Pet if you want something just for plants.

Baby Yodathe mandalorian