God of War Director Posts Cryptic Images on Twitter Ahead of PS5 Showcase

There’s a lot of excitement and speculation for today’s PlayStation 5 showcase. After all, it’s almost certain we will finally be getting a concrete release date and price for the next gen console. The event will also be an opportunity for the company to show off exactly what titles they will have to offer on the new console.

Thanks to some recent cryptic images uploaded to Twitter, many people now speculate that we might see the sequel to “God of War” today.

Screenshot Credit: Twitter

Speculation comes after “God of War” creative director, Cory Barlog, suddenly began uploading strange images to his Twitter. First, he changed his profile picture to what appears to be some kind of close-up image of marble or granite. If that’s not enough, he also changed his background banner to an equally baffling image. It’s a stock image of a redacted document in Latin. Of course, there’s about a million different guesses one could make about what these images mean. However, the proximity to the PS5 showcase event does make a person wonder.

This isn’t the first time Barlog has played mind games with fans on his Twitter. Previously, the director changed his profile picture to the Voyager 1 space satellite. As a result, many people began to speculate that he was working on a new sci-fi project. Regardless, Barlog’s cryptic images and the proximity to the PS5 event certainly leave the possibility for a big “God of War” sequel announcement. After all, the game’s ending definitely left room for new adventures for Kratos and Atreus. Hopefully, we might get a glimpse of the father-son duo later today.

Also, Santa Monica Studios is currently hiring.

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