Hold, Cut, and Shred Your Meat with these Velociraptor Cooking Utensils

You know, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to be a dinosaur when you grow up. In fact according to “Step Brothers” it’s a pretty common thing. I mean if Dr. Robert Doback(Richard Jenkins) can want to be a dinosaur when he grew up why can’t we? Well now we can live part of our dream with these cool raptor claw barbecue tools. Meant for ripping, gripping and tearing your meat!


Serve your meat the Jurassic way!

  • BBQ PRO FAVORITE: Shred, cut, lift, & serve your favorite meats with this clever multi-purpose barbeque tool & kitchen accessory. Easily grasp and shred pork, chicken, beef, and more with the ultra-sharp raptor claws. Let Raptor Rippers make BBQs, parties & dinners even more fun!
  • ROAST LIFTER: If tongs are too small and forks just aren’t strong enough, Raptor Claws easily lift and transport a whole chicken, turkey, or brisket with ease.
  • PULLED PORK SHREDDER: Pulled pork, beef roasts and roasted fowl are easily held in place for shredding, slicing and pulling. Make cooking and serving meals more fun with dinosaur flair at your table.
  • FUN KITCHEN UTENSILS: The perfect tool for any kitchen, Raptor Claws are unique, funny and useful, making them ideal to give to friends and family for birthdays and holidays.
  • SAVE TIME: This efficient tool saves you the hassle of wasting time using the wrong tool for the job. Meat and poultry is shredded in seconds; and it’s dishwasher safe. Made of glass filled nylon, it is heat-resistant to 500 degrees! A Velociraptor wouldn’t waste time, so why should you?

Plus these are dishwasher safe! These would make a great gift for any one who loves cooking and dinosaurs. So pretty much everyone! Don’t lose your dinosaur, let it roam free.

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