Olivia Wilde Directing, Co-Writing Possible ‘Spider-Woman’ Project at Sony

This just in-

Sounds like Sony’s Spider-Man slate may have just picked Olivia Wilde to direct that possible Spider-Woman project we keep hearing rumblings of. We know for sure that Wilde is tapped to direct and co-write a Marvel Comics based film, but we’re not sure on who it’ll be yet.

Wilde recently directed the fabulous 2019 film “Booksmart,” which starred Kaitlyn Dever, Beanie Feldstein, Jessica Williams, and Wilde’s husband Jason Sudeikis.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Wilde would be co-writing the script with Katie Silberman (who co-wrote “Booksmart“). Amy Pascal will reportedly produce, with Rachel O’Connor serving as executive producer.

Jessica Drew, aka Spider-Woman, first made her appearance in Marvel Comics title Marvel Spotlight #32 in 1977.

Spider-Woman would be an excellent character to add into the current Spider-Verse films at Sony, considering she has ties with Spider-Man, Venom, and even Morbius the living vampire.

And, this tweet from Wilde sure seems to confirm it’ll be a Spider-person character!