Check Out This Amazing Venom Gingerbread Sculpture

Ever seen something so pretty you couldn’t bring yourself to eat it? Well in this case we found a beautiful gingerbread sculpture of one of our favorite Spider-Man villains. Venom is made entirely of gingerbread meaning you could break off a piece and eat him up!

The sculpture is made by Caroline Eriksson on Instagram who we’ve been following closely since seeing her Xenomorph gingerbread sculpture. Now she’s made another nerdy icon and immortalized it in gingerbread which you can see from all angles below.

“We are Venom?
Finished my gingerbread symbiote bust after a couple of weeks and a gazillion hours!? I tried out a gingerbread “clay” recipe for this which actually allows for sculpting in a more traditional way, amazing!! Everything except the base is edible – the drool is made of isomalt and piping gel, and it is airbrushed with edible colours..”

It looks great! But we couldn’t bring ourselves to eat it. Is there a way to preserve gingerbread? This thing is so good it could go in a museum of art.

caroline erikssongingerbreadSculpture