These Bear and Kitty Oven Mitts Are Perfect for the Avid Baker!

If there is one thing that I try to accomplish within my kitchen is to balance the nerdy with the cute. And with these oven mitts I can do just that. There is a ton of cool Star Wars stuff available for the kitchen and that’s fine for guests and serving. But what if you want to get your animal loving kid into baking? Well besides the draw for the mess making part now you can get some super cute oven mitts that they can wear and gives you peace of mind because their hands are protected.


There are cute bear ones that you can get off Amazon that have extra padding in the paw parts as well as soft claws. The claws are purely decorative and I’m not sure if they will help or hinder when trying to get a grip on things in the oven. But according to the reviews they are actually quite well received.

Also you can opt to get a cute apron and a bear ear headband to complete the look if you wanted to go for sweet instead of the scary pic they use in the advertisement.

This is not the look we’re going for here…


The kitty ones are adorable and for people like me who’s daughter wants to grow up to be an actress and play only cats it’s perfect. Yes I absolutely blame us taking her to the movie CATS for this. Anyway… these are also heat resistant and have extra padding in the beans as well making them squishy and soft.

They’re up on Amazon and are sure to go cute with the cat ears you have laying around. And if you don’t have a set of cat ears what kind of life are you even living?

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