New Remote Control Crocodile Head is Here to Scare Birds and Your Neighbors

Need something to keep the neighbor kids from hopping the fence and using your pool? Maybe you have a bird’s nest in a tree nearby and they like to flyover and leave droppings in the pool? Well boy have I just found the best way to keep both those things from happening. There’s now a remote control crocodile head that you can use to scare birds and your neighbors.

It’s being sold for around $50 but if you love to prank people I’d say it’s worth the money. Plus I suppose it does have a functional use? It’s meant to keep birds away but the uses are unlimited. Can you imagine putting this in the community pool? Cue the hilarity!

This RC boat is designed with the appearance of a distinctive crocodile head, realistic and vivid when swimming in the water. It’s entirely waterproof, floats in water and swims with your controls that simulate a real crocodile swimming. The speed and movement are also very realistic with the real crocodile. 

Listing for the product.

Bonus points if you put this in the tub for when you have guests over and they use the bathroom. It floats so you can just set it there. But it’s also a pretty cool motor boat. It even goes up to 15km/hr! So if you wait until your friends are in the pool you can probably scare them by chasing them a little before you tell them it’s a fake. You might get a little pee in the pool, but hey it’s all in good fun!

You can check out the listing by clicking the link here.

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