Feel Kawaii When You Use These Light Up Glitter Pens

Something I’ve never been able to get enough of since I was a kid are glitter pens. And not the ones you might be thinking either. There are two types, and the kind I’m talking about are the regular pens with falling glitter around the middle. Those were the highlight of my elementary school years and I would save up all my lunch money to get those and those pencils that you could stack the lead into. Well I’m happy to say that I’ve recently found the type of pen that I’ve been looking for since forever.

And funnily enough I found it through a Japanese retailer on Amazon (I should have figured really).

These pens write in a .35 and better yet some of them even light up. I’m not sure when you will be writing in the dark and be able to use that feature, because there’s no way they would light up enough for you to be able to work properly. But if you were going to school and then I don’t know, a concert? You may be able to take them out and use them as glow sticks.

  • Made of durable plastic material, not easy to break. Length: 190mm ;0.35mm Black Ink
  • 6 Pcs Sequin Gel Pens (Has electronic lights) + 10 Pcs Black Refills
  • Super-smooth writing experience with an extra comfortable grip.And it can act as a toy at night, and it’s very beautiful
  • 0.35mm Fine Point Black Gel Pens Ideal to use in a notebook, journal, planner, legal pad, on invitation cards and almost any paper surface
  • The best gift for your colleagues, classmates or yourself. fantasy sequin gel pens and shiny electronic lights design, bring joy to the boring life

Another thing is these are great for kids who want something more fun than a pencil to write with. My daughter is 5 and hates writing with a passion. But I think when these cute new pens arrive she may have a different tune.

You can get these on Amazon by clicking the link here.

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