Quarantine-Managed with this Magical Marauders Map Mask

Sure, some states are beginning to lift their quarantine rules and move into ‘phase 2,’ but we’ll probably all still want to wear masks and PPE for sometime yet. Mostly to keep those around us safe, if not ourselves. Just because you’re doing the smart and responsible thing doesn’t mean it can’t be fun or stylish.

Just take a look at this pretty damn awesome mask, based on the Marauders Map from “Harry Potter,” that has its own magic!

Stephanie Hook and her MAGICAL Marauders Map Mask, photo courtesy of CPEX.

Artist Stefanie Hook and her CPEX (Colorado Pony Express, DYI) company has come up with a pretty ingenuous design for her mask, which reveals the hidden map of Hogwarts when exposed to a person’s warm breath. Check out her video below:


“I try to bring imagination to life in the creation of my products, ensuring that they are not one-dimensional items,” Hook told Insider during a recent interview.

The next release of the above mask is scheduled for May 29th, 5PM MDT through CPEX, so keep an eye out if you want to keep your quarantine managed, magically.

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