GameTree is Bringing Gamers Together Like Never Before

We need each other. It’s one of the basic foundations of being human- that need to come together. This is true even in the world of gaming. There are moments where we need to rely on others. Whether it’s advice on how to best solve a puzzle or a squad to tackle challenging PvP- at some point we need to reach out and seek help. That’s where the app GameTree comes in. GameTree is revolutionizing the way that gamers find other gamers.

Unlike most apps, GameTree provides you with the tools to find games and people that especially fit who you are. How does it do this you ask? Well, by learning who you are through three tests. There’s the personality, Gamer DNA and my values tests. When you start an account, completing these tests is part of your profile. The tests are simple and quick, you answer each question by sliding a bar to the choice that fits you best. You can breeze through all three tests within ten minutes.

The personality test matches you with a specific personality type. For instance, I was given the Engaging Mobilizer (ENFJ) type at the end of my test. There’s a full description of what this personality type is along with what recommended genres, platforms and games fit your personality. If you don’t agree with the test results, you can retake the test at any time. Similarly, the Gamer DNA test reveals what aspects of gaming you value most to least. After my test, the app told me I value discovery and completion the most. Alternately, I value competition the least which matches up with my dislike of PvP. Finally, the my values test does exactly what it says- it learns what things you value most and least. The results of this test are kept private for the protection of all users.

These are screenshots of my personality test results. As you can see, the app provides a description of the personality type as well as recommends games and genres.

What’s the point in all of these tests though? Well, this information allows GameTree to find users with complimentary personality types. After all, wouldn’t you want to play online with people you get along with? The app doesn’t stop there though. It also recommends games and genres that it thinks you will enjoy. There’s a whole section of the app where you can identify games you have played to help the app further zone into your exact interests. Once you are satisfied with your account, you can head over to the “sessions” tab to seek out assistance. You can create a session for almost anything. Some people are looking for buddies to team up with, others are seeking advice on a particular game, and some people just want to chat about gaming. No matter what you may need at that moment, someone on the app is there to help you.

Here is just a sampling of what types of sessions you may find on the app.

After trying out GameTree for myself, I was really excited about the many ways it customized my experience. I’ve never seen a gamer app quite like it before. Within the first two days I had like-minded gamers seeking me out. It’s nice knowing that help is simply a few clicks and a request away. I wanted to know more about the app. So, I asked GameTree’s CEO and founder John Uke some questions.

What inspired the creation of this app?

After living with my best friends, I moves to a new city after college for my first job. I got really depressed in a lonely cycle of work and solo online gaming. I remembered my most fun and meaningful gaming experiences came from playing with friends- and it was through gaming I’d build most of my friendships themselves. I realized that there needed to be a way not just to find gamers looking to connect, for all games, but to curate those gamers beyond just age/sex/location or demographics, which is what everyone else does. I started GameTree with a vision to consider compatible play styles, values, and personalities as well as prioritizing people with high numbers and proportions of games in common so they will be ongoing friends.

What problems do you aim to solve in the gaming community through this app?

Gaming has been getting lonelier due to a variety of reasons, so GameTree aims to help people find new best gamer friends, and make it as easy as possible for them to coordinate gaming sessions with those friends, as well as existing friends. This includes getting to play niche games where it can be really hard to find people. The core of GameTree is curation in an increasingly crowded world- finding what’s best for you personally based on whatever data you choose to provide.

How do you handle toxic players and bullying issues?

Funny enough, we surveyed hundreds of gamers and toxicity turned out to be the #1 issue in gaming right now. We quickly added it to the survey after getting so many write-in responses. A nice thing about playing with friends is all the spots available for toxic players get taken by awesome ones instead. It turns out most toxicity is actually just miscommunication and personality clashes, so the player curation in GameTree really shines here. GameTree itself id also known as a non-toxic gamer community because of the nature of the people who come to us. We’ve also got guidelines that stray away from toxicity, an army of volunteer moderators, as well as a “gamified” level system to show how reliable and friendly someone is.

What is one piece of advice you have for new users?

People are really friendly, so don’t be afraid to reach out! Also, fill out as much of your profile, favorite games, takes the tests, etc… as you can. Our matchmaking AI use this info as best we can to give you high quality matches. GameTree is also a Public Benefit Corporation with a belief that it’s better to make less money but keep our integrity when it comes to data.

Are there any personality types that seem to appear more frequently?

GameTree attracts two extremes of people on opposite ends of the spectrum: highly introverted people who have trouble making friends in the modern world, as well as hyper social gamers who want even MORE friends. It’s funny how that worked out, but the personalities are generally flattening now that GameTree is going more mainstream. We expect this trend to continue as we evolve more into a general universal gamer social network with advanced curation and recommendation tools.

If you would like to try GameTree out yourself, the app is free to download on Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. You can learn more about GameTree on their Facebook page, Twitter or Instagram. Have fun gaming and make some awesome friends along the way!

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