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Cult Classic Film Flash Gordon Released in Glorious 4K

Flash! Ahhhhhhaaaaaahhhhhhh!!! Savior of the universe!

Everyone remembers the amazing theme song to the Flash Gordon movie from 1980 by Queen. Maybe you remember the scene in Ted where Sam Jones – the Flash Gordon actor from the film – showed up to party. How many of you have actually seen the film?!

Now get ready for the 1980 Flash Gordon film remastered and released in glorious 4K! The movie is hit or miss depending on your personal tastes, but the music and the design are top notch. Flash Gordon looks exactly like the Alex Raymond-created comic strip where Flash first appeared. Flash Gordon (1933) predates even Superman (1938), being just beaten by a few characters that still hang out in pop culture like Buck Rogers and Mickey Mouse. The influence can be seen in the film design as well, bringing the space opera of the past into a more modern, slick design. It was like Star Wars if Star Wars exploded in a big of crayons with a cheesier story.

Check out the remastered trailer (in 1080, not 4K):

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Football star Flash Gordon rockets into space with Dale Arden and Dr. Zarkov to go fight the evil alien emperor Ming the Merciless who has declared war on earth because reasons. The brilliant Max von Sydow shows up in pseudo-yellow face as the evil Ming. Look for fun performances from Timothy Dalton and Philip Stone. It might not ascend to true art like some sci-fi and fantasy but it will be highly entertaining for an evening or 2 of quarantine.

The beautiful restored Flash Gordon will be available in 4K on August 3rd.

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