Nerdbot Reviews: Batwoman Episode 17

It’s A Race Against Time

It’s Batwomans 17th episode of season one ” A Narrow Escape”, where Kate and crew takes on the conspiracy about Lucius Fox, a serial bomber and Kates own ptsd .

Episode 17 Discussion (spoilers)

Luke boxing in the Batcave before Kate arrives.

The camera work here is nicer than they’ve usually been, the episode having solid composition and fun action shots. And while there’s nothing particularly cool here, it’s nice to be reminded of how cool Batwoman can be. 

Kate’s PTSD from her murder was actually  dealt with here ; managing to integrate the villains plot with her journey was a really nice touch they should do more. Luke’s own journey here was really great and something that the character really needed. 

And the reveal of Bruce’s murder of the Joker comes off lukewarm. There is nothing wrong with telling a “Batman Kills” story, but since it’s not explored and only used as a framing device for Kate’s on development then it doesn’t mean much on its own. 

While the shows usually are good with holding emotional character tension, this episode manages to create an overall story tension that really works. And the fact that all the stories managed to link up is just really nice storytelling.

Alice’s journey through Arkham was enjoyable even If it was just moving pieces for future stories. 

Putting all of this together, this might be one of the best Batwoman episodes yet.

Batwoman takes down a thief knocking him down a stairwell. Immediate after she panics, worried that she’s killed someone.

Batwoman airs 8/7 c Sunday Nights and is available on the CW app.

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