Evanescence Announces First Album In Nine Years, The Bitter Truth

Evanescence has announced the upcoming release of their fifth album, The Bitter Truth. Currently, all we know is there will be a single, “Wasted on you” will be releasing April 24th. We do not know the name of any of the songs(except the single) nor the release date at this time.

 “We promised you a new album in 2020 and we won’t let anything stop us. We are proud to begin sharing our new album The Bitter Truth with you, one piece at a time, starting with our first song Wasted On You on Friday! 


The band will also be choosing 50 lucky people to listen to single before anyone else with Amy Lee, the lead singer, on Zoom call. Fifty random people will be selected of those you pre-save the single.

While the band hasn’t mentioned much in regard to the album theme, Lee has mentioned that some events such as losing her brother and becoming a mother have helped the influence of the album.

I definitely have felt like I have one foot on the other side a lot the past two years. So there’s a lot of writing that’s, I guess in a way back to my roots in that I’m searching for meaning in things… That stuff’s all in there. But it’s not all dark and serious.

Amy Lee
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