This Nuclear Explosion Lamp Is What Your Bedroom Is Missing

Let’s be real, with us having to stay home we are actually looking at the furniture that is around our house. It’s probably dull, and probably needs a major face-lift. I know when I’m at home I tend to get a little bored with the items around my house. Not that I’m ungrateful or anything it’s just that I think it needs and something with a little more pzazz. Something bold, something brilliant, something explosive.

Lucky for me an Etsy seller by the name of evilincEU has created a lamp that is actually quite brilliant. It looks like a nuclear explosion.

Don’t worry it’s not a real explosion.

Item details


Material: Fiberglass, Metal, Plastic


Handmade diorama decorative model of nuclear explosion effect.
Made of metal wire, wood, syntetic and real cotton.
Airbrush painted
A/C powered with 5W filament LED light
Unique decoration and design. About 30cm diameter and 30-35cm height for big model with base 40×30 (I can make it in any size you want)

Remember that is a handcrafted item – models made may vary (will never be the same as in the picture)! Shades of colors may differ from those displayed on your computer! I took photos in three lighting conditions (see galleries) but each monitor and camera processes the image differently.

It is more a model than a night lamp – it is not designed to run all day (although I test every model for 12 hours)

You can check out the listing by clicking here.

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the price for the lamp is a little over $100, but hey quality over quantity right?

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