Glowing Touch of Nature with Light Up Log Lamps

If you enjoy the outdoors or just love nature, you may have fun decorating your home with outside elements.  The Log Lamp brings this as well as general awesomeness to your home.

Made from real logs, each of these lamps is a unique piece.  Each one features cracks in the wood that a beautiful yellow glowing light shines out of, lighting up the ground and anything nearby.  While the specific measurements vary from log to log, they all approximately reach 9 inches tall and have a diameter of 7.5 inches; the weight, however, varies entirely.  The logs are not battery powered as of right now, but there is potential plans to make them battery operated in the future; for now they are a wired hookup.  Since the product comes from Australia, they can send an adaptor plug for your location at a small extra cost.  They are intended for dry indoor use.

The lamps were designed by Duncan Meerding who specializes in working with wood to make more natural looking designs.  The concept takes logs that were originally supposed to be burnt, and instead were salvaged and turned into art, celebrating each and every one of their cracks.  This product in particular won first place in sustainable designs at The Edge Design competition of 2014.  The cracks in the logs are all there naturally from the elements, meaning each and every one is different.  The lamps are also sturdy enough that they can be used as small tables; it’s unknown if they can be used as chairs though.

These lovely lamps can be found here for $223.