Bloody Kitchenware Brings Horror To Your Home

Are you a horror fanatic? Do you enjoy watching murder documentaries while reading books like Mindhunter? How about re-watching classic films like Halloween or Nightmare on Elm Street for the millionth time? Well, now you can show off your love for all things grotesque right in your own kitchen.

First up, we have the Flinelife 2-in-1 spoon rest. This beauty makes it looks like you are setting your utensils on a giant splash of blood. While the description doesn’t use the word blood, anyone with a fascination for the dark and dangerous will immediately see it that way. After all, what’s the fun in a giant splash of sauce or ketchup? Give me a crime to solve any day. Made of 100% food grade silicone it can withstand temperatures up to 500° F. Best of all, it will only put you out $17.99. If you really like the design it’s worth noting that you can get it in a variety of colors. The pink, green and blue splashes almost look like lively plants you could find in a coral reef. Hop over to Amazon to grab one for yourself.

Can’t settle for just one blood-themed object in your home? Well, that’s where the “ketchup” spilling cutting board comes in. I’ve never seen ketchup pool in such a manner and I will bet money no one else has either. This is 100% the bloody result of someone’s head getting bashed into a counter. The way the cutting board spills over your counter top not only makes it look cooler, but also keeps it more secure as you cut on it. It’s dishwasher safe and super easy to clean, meaning it will be ready for your next big crime scene before you know it. I can guarantee that this blood spill cleans a lot easier than any real life ones. You can buy this cutting board for $24.95 over on Novaandknox.

So, get out there and decorate your kitchen like you have something to hide. While you do, make sure to “stay sexy and don’t get murdered.”

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