Yes, Artisan Keycaps Are a Thing and They Take Your Keyboard to Another Level

Okay, I really thought that rainbow light-up keyboards are already the coolest thing ever, but I recently discovered that there’s this whole culture where people make and collect personalized keycaps that take your keyboard to another level of aesthetic.

They are all handcrafted and most commonly made with resin and clay. I’m personally in love with the transparent ones, which will be even cooler when your keyboard lights up. There is all sort of themes you can find, including stone, food, scenery, anime/movie characters and more! These will add so much character to your keyboard.

They are usually put on keys that you don’t usually type with, like the Escape key, the function row and the home keys. Most actually put only one on their keyboard on the escape key for a small touch.

Price usually range from 20 USD to 70 USD. You can find them on Etsy, artists’ and collectors’ social media accounts like charmcaps, alexotos, prime_caps, hello_caps, rathcaps, bobkeycaps, dwarf.factory.