Vans are Releasing Sweet New Shoes with a Milk-Tea Twist

Vans have a lot of really cool new shoe styles and innovations coming out in 2020.  The company recently come out with their ComfyCush shoe technology in 2019, and this spring they’re releasing their Overt CC shoe collection, featuring fun new styles.  One of these styles was, interestingly, inspired by the colors of the popular beverage known as milk-tea; a lot of people may also know it as boba tea or bubble tea.

Coming in three different shades, the milk-tea line sports a very natural and gentle appearance while keeping an old school look that is overall very comforting.  While the shoes are very neutral and subtle, they look like they could easily go with many different styles of clothing.  The three colors they can come in are “Gentle Milk Cream”, “Hazelnut Flavor”, and “Smoked Milk Tea”.  Hazelnut and Smoked also both have a soft white sole with a thin dark stripe wrapped around them, while Gentle Cream has more of a cream-colored sole.  The shoes are currently being sold through Fruition, a Taipei fashion outlet that sells other international brands as well.

The shoes are just about $80 since they are a part of the new shoe technology that Vans has released.

Along with these, Vans has also recently released a line of shoes that come with sensory-inclusive elements and calming colors that are focused on Autism awareness.  They even worked alongside the International Board of Credentialing and Continuing Education Standards to design the shoe to be absolutely geared to anyone with sight and touch sensitivities.