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Jake Johnson Will Send Your Kids Messages as Peter B. Parker

Jake Johnson has told parents to email him and he will try to get to them to leave an encouraging message as Peter B. Parker for them. During this uncertain time many kids are anxious and worried about having to stay home and this is just one way that celebrities are helping. Jake has told the parents to email him at [email protected] and leave their kids name he will try to leave them a nice voice note.
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Other celebrities are doing things like reading stories or doing live concerts from home. Josh Gad is reading stories via his twitter channel everyday for kids and parents to find some kind of peace during this time. There are many museums that are now offering digital tours and while we can’t go out it does bring some sense of normalcy to our lives. It’s always nice to know that people, the good ones anyway will be there reaching out and trying to help however they can. Even if it’s just leaving a comforting message for kids.

Other ways he can comfort you, at least for the adults is to rewatch New Girl on Netflix. I’ve been watching it and I have to say, it’s even better the second time around. And his character is quite lovable to boot. You can also watch him by re-watching Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse which is also available on Netflix.

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