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A Vampire Attacks Gotham on this Weeks Batwoman

Kate V Vampire

On this weeks episode of Batwoman, Kate strengthens her resolve of taking down Alice. But this week the bat team takes on a villian of the week that really sucks, a vampire named Nocturna.

Episode 13 Discussion (spoilers)

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We open with two big pieces of information : Jacob is exonerated from the death of Mary Hamilton and Gotham believes that Alice, after last weeks assassination of Beth, is dead.

This works well because Jacobs time in prison didn’t help the plot aside from its inital feature. And the shock Alice will give to Gotham when she reveals herself will be interesting.

It’s dissapointing that this weeks villian isn’t a real vampire- they make an effort to differentiate her from the creature but its just not as interesting. Said ‘vampire’ is played by Kayla Ewell of the Vampire Diaries, and she doesn’t really have any presence on screen or any memorable character moments.

After the devestating events from last episode, this weeks story tries to present a lighter A story to give the audience a break from the overarching story. But this doesn’t really work because the Alice story weighs so much that the villian of the week plotline is annoying rather than a story break.

Alice and Beth Team up to save Mary.

Jacobs confrontation of Sophie was a long time comming, especially since she’s had alot of public intimate moments with Batwoman.

Mary figuring out that Kate’s Batwoman was a really satisfying moment, even if it was an eventuality. When she finally confronts Kate, this will hopefully bring them closer together and strengthen their bond. They both need more family especially a healthy sister relationship.

The end of the episode is a little polarizing – The kiss between Sophie and Kate plays out as regressive to their overall development rather than growth.

If they have grown into different people that can work this time, good for them. But it could be likely that their lingering feelings for each other are moreso for closure than a renewal.

So what’s your opinion on the episode? Let us know in the comments down below!

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