Gudetama And Nissin Instant Ramen Are Teaming Up

Ramen and eggs, a timeless pair if you ask me. Whether you’re at a restaurant enjoying a hot bowl of steaming ramen there’s always that delicious egg right next to it. Or maybe you’re at home with some friends or loved ones enjoying instant ramen with an egg in it as well. I don’t know about you but I personally think the egg is the highlight the dish that runny yolk oozing all over those slurpable noodles, ah, perfection.

You all know gudetama right? the laziest egg there ever was. Who has gained millions of fans worldwide. the funny thing is is his backstory is interesting, because he was part of a competition to see who the next big Sanrio good character tour be. Well, Gudetama placed second losing out to a happy salmon filet named Kirimichichan. 

Well I may be weird but I follow both gudetama and Nissin Instant Ramen on social media. And on January 14th Nissin posted this.

Do my eyes deceive me? Is that Gudetama? I was trying to find out what this meant, but then I realized ramen plus eggs equals delicious. There’s got to be some sort of collab happening.  Then on January 22nd this was posted on Nissin’s Instagram 

Gudetama will bless us with his appearance on Nissin’s instant ramen. He will be featured on both packages of the soy sauce flavor and chicken. this is a limited run so hurry while you still can to find these adorable packaging. you can use the noodle finder to find out where these packages will be sold near you. 

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