Getting Hype For The New Sonic Movie!

Sonic The Hedgehog is just around the corner with Valentine’s getting nearer every day. And one thing that I am most excited for personally is all the merchandise that is sure to come out for it. Jack in the box has a Sonic mini taco box and Arby’s has Sonic disc toys in their kids meals. And there is a convention that you can go to! But how do you show your love for Sonic everyday in your own home?

Ever since my kid accidentally found the Jaleel White voice Sonic Show on Netflix my home has been inundated with Sonic Stuff. And besides the figures which we could only really find on Amazon and some stuffies at Best Buy I’ve had to do a lot of digging for other places that had stuff at a decent price. Here are some things that you can use everyday to keep you in that “Gotta Go Fast” mood. These are some of the best deals I could find and my favorite useful items from the show.

This cup is really convenient for kids and accident prone adults. It comes with a spill proof screw on lid that has a straw that wont fall out. So even if you do have an accident you’re still ok and haven’t messed up the carpet or have to run and grab a towel.

Wearing a pin is probably the most common way to tell others that you like a franchise. You can put them on a backpack, hat or jacket and they’re great for breaking the ice with other people. This Sonic pin is especially nice because it has two backings on it. So it will secure nicely and wont just fall off and get lost.

Super Sonic is kind of like Sonic’s ultimate form. Similar to how in Dragon Ball Z they change color when they get more powerful, Sonic turns yellow when he does too. This cup is nice and a thick glass so that you could drop it from about 4 feet without it cracking. Plus it makes you feel really cool using it.

And one last thing for those of us who “Gotta go fast” is that we need a place to charge our phones!! And who better to help it charge than this cool Sonic figure. He is also great for holding TV and gaming remotes and is easily spotted wherever you set him. He’s probably my favorite Sonic thing that we own.

So are you excited for new merch and to see the movie come February 14th? Tell us in the comments if you are!

Disclaimer: Nerdbot may make a small percentage off the sale of these items which will go back into creating awesome content for our readers.

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