A Nerf Challenge Event is Now Open at The L.A. LIVE

NERF is known for their popular toy line of foam-based projectile weaponry, otherwise known as the NERF Blasters. Colorful toy guns that shoot foam. Interests in these toys range from collecting, modification and customization, all the way to sporting competitions. The most popular of these are the NERF War. Team vs team death matches.

The NERF Challenge Event at L.A. LIVE is the perfect place for enthusiasts of the sport. They offer Target Shooting Ranges, Sport challenges, Gaming Booths, multiple Team vs Team Arenas, and much more. They opened the event December 7th and it will continue for a very limited time so you may want to get in on the action soon.

What the Nerf Event has to offer:

For the Marksmans

The NERF Challenge Event at LA LIVE offers a wide variety of target based shooting ranges for guest to test their skill and new and exciting blasters. There are simple point based targets to futuristic hovering targets. 

For the Sports Jocks

Jock may boast about their abilities with a booth to test their batting swing and how accurate are their hail marys are. Come feel what it’s like to play in a giant foosball table.

For the Collectors

The event offered a play course featuring a blaster from the new Ultra line, including a new type of NERF dart. Prizes were given at certain stage challenges and of course, there was a retail shop with the hottest NERF products.

And the Arenas

The main draw to this hobby has always been team based wars games. At this event there are over 4 differently themed arenas to host team vs team NERF Wars. All ages can play against each other on a tropical island for treasure or in a secret warehouse for alien secrets. 

Images and Video Taken by Rock Me, Amadeus Photography

The NERF Challenge Event at LA LIVE is a must go for NERFers to satiate their hobbying needs. Fun for the whole family. Come test your ability to shoot and dodge projectiles, target practice, and try out new and exciting NERF. Go for it now before this event leaves town.

*Article submitted by Mello Mike
Cover Image Credit Rock Me, Amadeus Photography who you can follow on Facebook and Instagram

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