Etsy shop owner MasterGlasster has created some of the most beautiful tiffany style lamps of R2’s “head?”. They’re selling two versions of this lamp on their Etsy one that is more “Tiffany style” with no parts popping out and one with a 3d design. They are both equally amazing but the 3D one really takes the cake.

Each Lamp has a mosaic style to them which is really hard to put together. As someone who does the solder style stained glass I know that it is difficult to put together and it takes a lot of practice. This lamp from the pictures looks to be expertly done. The Solder is smooth and even and maintains roughly the same diameter throughout the entire piece.

They are both made to order so that means if you want one you need to commission it first. Something like this has the turn around time of 3 weeks or more and that’s because of the insane amount of detail. Every piece is cut and then the edges are ground smooth. Then comes cleaning and copper foiling. Finally you can flux, solder and patina. And after that comes an excruciatingly long cleaning time to get the chemicals off the glass and the final shine. It takes a lot of patience to do something like this so when I see something this beautiful I have to give them proper credit.

You can get the 3D one by following the link here, or the flattened one here.

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