There’s a Haunted Mansion Game of Life You Can Get Right Now!

Board game collaborations are usually a collectors item. And they have about a million versions of Monopoly at this point. Disney has a Disneyland game of Candyland, Oogie Boogie Operation, and now this awesome take on the Game of Life.

It comes with:

  • Gameboard with glow-in-the-dark elements
  • Spinner inspired by Madame Leota’s table with Raven indicator
  • Gameboard features Haunted Mansion and Phantom Manor buildings from Disneyland Park, the Magic Kingdom Park and Disneyland Paris Resort, plus a crypt, a carriage house, the Grounds Keepers shack, and a BOO-niversity. 7 buildings in all, plus 3 Mountains and 1 Bridge.
  • 6 Doom Buggy Pawns with glow-in-the-dark ”Ghost” pegs
  • Bankers Tray plus a stack of ”Screams” Play Money featuring the famous stretch portraits plus Bank Loans and Pay Raises
  • Deck of 54 Cards, including 36 “Scareer” cards featuring Haunted Mansion attraction icons
  • 24 Spin to Win tokens plus Spin to Win Strip
  • 25 LIFE Tiles
  • Spinner base, ring and dial
  • Find the ”Hidden Mickeys” on the gameboard and cover
  • Label Sheet
  • Instructions
  • One time assembly required
  • For 2 to 6 players

You will definitely want to pick this up soon as it won’t stay in stock long. Remember how I mentioned that Oogie Boogie Operation? Well it’s not in print anymore and it goes for crazy amounts on Amazon and Ebay. You should get in on this while it’s still $39.99. Plus right now if you spend over $75 and use code SHIPMAGIC you will get free shipping!

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