The DC Multiverse has an infinite amount of untold stories and unseen characters. This allows countless TV shows, movies, cartoons, comics, and even fan films to be made that explore those unknown worlds.

NerdBot has been in the Fan Film game for a few years now and our latest project has us excited and eager to dive into the mysterious universe of “Sisterhood: Arrow”.

Sisterhood tells the live action story of a gender swapped DC Universe. It focuses on our reluctant hero, Olivia Queen, but dives into the possibilities of how different this world could be if all the characters we know and love were gender bent. Clark Kent becomes Clara Kent, Black Canary becomes Black Condor, and so on and so forth.

Leading our new series is Jessica Chancellor in the titular role of Olivia Queen AKA Green Arrow.

Next up we have Jannelle Sanchez as Deathstroke/Slade Wilson. She also helped design our original, but iconic costumes.

And for those of you familiar with our shows, you might recognize Colin K. Bass from “Reverse Flash: Origins”. He’ll be David Lance AKA Black Condor.

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