Oscar Mayer Just Debuted Hot Dog Flavored Ice Cream

Ok, I get it. It’s the season for ice cream. But can we stop with the condiment and meat flavors already? Oscar Mayer just tweeted a new concoction of “Ice Dog Sandwiches” and I think that the world may be in trouble.

Apparently besides Mustard Ice Cream this year, Ketchup and Mayo last year and now Hot Dog flavored ice cream this year the world still needs to one up what seems to be the grossest trend around. The sandwich is made out of 4 main parts, there is the candied hot dog bits(ew), Hot Dog sweet cream, Spicy Dijon Gelato, and the Cookie Bun.

Who in the world would eat a hot dog sandwiched between two cookies? That “Bun” makes no sense, what kind of cookie is it? I mean just use cold bread at that point and hope for the best.

What do you think of this creation? If you really want to try it you can DM them to find out how to actually eat one. If you do, can you write me and tell me how it goes? Please don’t make me eat one myself.

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