Get A Pair Of The New Nightmare Nikes

The shoe game has been on fleek lately, especially with Nike. When the company isn’t being ripped apart by Fox News for just about everything they do, Nike actually comes out with some pretty badass sneakers.

You might even remember the Back To The Future shoes from a while back that were going for insane amounts of money online.

Look at those beautiful kicks, they even tied themselves.

Now another movie inspired Nike is in the market as you can own a pair of Kyrie 5’s with Nightmare On Elm Street twist.

Taking the iconic coloring of Freddy Kreuger’s sweater mixed with the blood splatter might not make you feared on the court, but it might give your wardrobe that shot of nostalgia all of our wardrobes are in dire need of. first reported on the custom made product made by a guy named Jeff out of Detroit. He apparently customizes different shoes and you can find out how to get a pair by clicking over to his Instagram page. You’ll have to message him for more information.

I actually think they look dope. Granted I’m sort of against supporting a player who believes the Earth is flat, even though he hit the dagger that halted the Golden State Warriors to bring my hometown its first championship in over fifty years… I still can’t bring myself to buy a pair of Kyrie’s. However, if Jeff would Freddyize a pair of Lebron’s, I’m all in.

By Adam Chmielewski


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