The DO’S and DON’TS of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

Greetings off-worlders! If you’re reading this, you’re about to embark into a galaxy far, far away or you at least have reservation for them, right?

Because you’re here, let me run down some of the biggest DO’S and DON’TS while you visit Batuu, “a planet on the outer rim of the galaxy’s edge.”


The whole experience while you’re in the new “Star Wars Land” is to be completely immersed. Meaning, don’t refer to the land as Star…Wars…Land….

You’re not funny, Derek.

There is a ton of backstory to the land, which is canonized into the Star Wars Universe, and the Cast Members there are encouraged to interact with you as if you are an off world traveler.

Think musical theater but with Star Wars.

Greet people with the term “Bright Suns!” since that means good morning due to the planet having 3 suns. “Rising Moon” for it’s night counterpart.
And to say goodbye depends on how cordial you want to keep it. There’s the formal “Till the Spires!” which means until we meet at the spires again, or just “May the Spires keep you.” which is a little on the nose there Batuu.

Yeah, I said it.
Unless you’re REALLY gung(an)-ho to get that cantina experience, skip the hour to 2 hours line for that bar. Remember, per your time slot, you only get 4 hours to really explore all your heart’s desire. Do your priority first and the cantina will always be there, if not at a shorter wait time.

Cause if you’re so desperate to get a drink at 8 am, at a children’s theme park, buddy you got other problems.

I made a lightsaber on my day to the planet (see the phrasing here) and I can safely say, as a HUGE STAR WARS NERD, that it does fulfill my inner nerd. It is pricey though, don’t get me wrong. At $199 pre-tax, you’re buying the experience of a lifetime plus a metal ass souvenir.

No lie, me tho.

If you’d rather not build one or simply couldn’t get a reservation for it, they do have “Legacy” hilts based off of their respective Sith or Jedi.

But if you want one, get there early and get there fast cause once reservations are out, it out.

Obviously one of the biggest attractions in the world is the Smuggler’s Run on Batuu.
Also: The wait will get better the later you go. In the controlled environment of the time slots, rider’s will have an allotted time to have a chance at a second go around. Once that time is up, Hondo and his crew will only allow first time riders on.

Basically, do the Run, last. They’ve been instructed to clear the line of the prior time slots an hour before the next “wave” of people come in.

Important to note also is if your ship reaches 0% health, the ride is over. So if you have some questionable pilot at the helm, and y’all crash, your ride might be like a minute long. Really decide who’s gonna pilot the hunkajunk before going on the ride.

There are some new offerings at the Galaxy’s Edge and one of my favorites is the “Ronto wrap” served at Ronto Roasters. Not quite a flatbread, not really a hotdog, kind of a roast beef sandwich? All in all, it’s delicious.

And of course who can forget…

Don’t try the green milk. Tastes like something Rian Johnson made.


Look, we get it. You just bought or made this sweet ass costume that you can’t wait to show off next at Comic Con, but this is not the place to do it.
If you come in FULL GEAR, you will have your reservation revoked. Unless you are under the age of 14 (both mentally and physically), do the right thing and just wear a Star Wars shirt.

The more you provoke the park, the more restrictions are gonna come just because you need to update your followers oh-wise-but-now-banned influencer.

But if that seems like I’m targeting a minority, or specifically cosplayers (Fanboy Brandon), please let me shift the attention to your manners. It’s gonna be hot, it’s gonna be packed, but please don’t harass the hard working Cast Members because you didn’t get in the cantina. Those people didn’t sacrifice Fortnite hours just so you can be a dick to them.

One of the worst things you can do is lose sight of your budget once your in there since you would probably want to buy everything. Stick to you budget or else you’re gonna end up like me, Ubering as a side job to pay off a $200 lightsaber.

Finally, don’t forget to have fun while you’re on the planet of Batuu. A lot of hard work and dedication went into this place and it shows. Play with the cast members, discover new stories and even build your own droid if you want. The possibilities are endless when you’re in a galaxy far, far away.


This post has not been sponsored by The Walt Disney Company but would like to be paid credits by the First Order of the Galactic.