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Volante Design Has Created Gorgeous ‘Star Trek Discovery’ Jackets

Volante Design has previously come out with some really beautiful Devil May Cry Jackets. They have now gone a step beyond and created some gorgeous Star Trek Discovery inspired street wear.

Suit up for battle in Volante Design’s new Starfleet 2256 jacket. It’s handmade in the USA from heavy denim secured with sturdy topstitching, enabling this durable jacket to withstand conflicts with Klingons or tiffs with a Tartograde. Wear it zipped up for the classic look or do it up halfway for a partially open look as you discover new dimensions.

The sleek, blue color and the subtle details of stitching color and zipper allow you to flaunt your specialty under the radar and an inner badge pocket allows you to add and remove it as desired. Pick gold for Command, silver for Sciences, copper for Operations, or stealthy black if you work in Section 31.

These jackets feature:

• Heavy duty denim with slight stretch
• Two magnetic closure external pockets
• Interior pocket
• Inner badge backing pocket
• Asymmetrical zipper closure
• Snap tab collar

A small fashion brand from Western Massachusetts, Volante Design’s guiding principle is always to merge streetwear sensibility with your (and our) favorite fandoms, and their second Star Trek-inspired jacket does just that.You can pick one of these up on their website for only $330. A great price for the quality of these made in USA jackets. Plus they are so durable you can wear them anywhere and everywhere.

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