Nerdbot’s Review Of Nu Way #4 From Aspen Comics

It’s Aspen Comics time again over here at Nerdbot, and this week we’re resuming coverage of a very unique and entertaining series Nu Way. Think a meched out Russell Crowe Gladiator style competition where humans come equipped with crazy weapon arms and the most badass body armor the city of New Sheng has to offer.  Only the story is more focused on the characters.  I jumped in at issue two and I haven’t seen one robo-battle yet.

I’ve called it a “worthwhile slow burn worthy of your time” or something like that but believe me when I say Nu Way is one of Aspen’s recent crowning achievements.

Chapter four, entitled “Changes” begins with our protagonist Zihao o in a meditative state.  Sitting alone on top of a building, he mentally takes himself to a place of peace, high up in the mountains.  Kind of like what Happy Gilmore does before he putts.  Zihao contacts Cassi and using a VirtuLink, transports her to his location (I guess) to have a conversation.  They talk of a desire to leave New Sheng but the decision is easier said than done.

What’s interesting to note is that for how dire his situation, Zihao maintains a positive outlook for himself and humanity. Life, love, laughter… bright spots in dark times.

Then the story shifts focus and Qiang takes over as narrator.  Unlike Zihao, Qiang was literally built for to fight on a grand scale.  He’s at the gun range doing a little target practice with Ajax, another meched our super gladiator who claims Qiang doesn’t see the big picture of what they’ doing as fighters.

While Zihao roams the streets of New Sheng, Jasper, still pissed off from issue two, sends his guys to find his potential prize fighter.  Of course they’re too late.

Zihao makes his way to Lei’s Tower as he attempts to locate Cassi.  He fights through some guards, reaches the elevator, and when he gets off… Ajax is waiting for him.

A solid cliffhanger, maybe we’ll get some of that promised human on cyborg fisticuffs.

Normally, I would be pretty upset by a comic book series lack of action… but in the case of Nu Way, I’m cool with it.  Maybe because the series is unique and original enough to the point where certain things like violence don’t seem to matter.  Even issue four wasn’t super loaded action, but the pages were supplemented by textbook storytelling dynamics that actually hook in the readers.  So again… give it a shot!

“Changes” arrives in stores on October 24th.

By Adam Chmielewski


Photo Credits – Aspen Comics

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