When you are part of a particular fandom, there are bound to be things you are not so fond of.Whether it be the representation of the source material, plot twists or particular characters that just annoy the hell out of you, there are certain aspects that will challenge your love and loyalty.

When your interests are as eclectic and diverse as mine (and I’m sure a lot of you), however, you can multiply that annoyance by about 1,000.

Here are 5 random things that I’m still not over:

5. Flying with Voldemort

I know I wasn’t the only person in the theater who watched the plot unfold in Deathly Hallows Pt 2 and was trying desperately to not look completely outraged at this particular scene.

I have gotten to the point where I feel nervous anticipation when one of my favorite stories is announced as an upcoming movie. Invariably,  I always turn into that person in the back row whispering frantically: “THAT IS NOT HOW IT’S SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN!”


4. Army of Two: The Devil’s Cartel

When the first Army of Two game came out in 2008, it was this little gem of a first-person shooter that was awesome for playing marathon- style.

The good old days…

The game featured pretty basic gameplay that was customizable based on the decisions you made throughout the story, appealing to the Choose Your Own Adventure junkie in me.

The 40th Day, the second installment in the series, improved on some flaws and progressed the bro-tastic storyline of Rios and Salem even further, so I anxiously awaited the next sequel.

Then, The Devil’s Cartel came out in 2013, and all that macho awesomeness went to hell with a ridiculous plot twist and new characters that killed all the feelings I had for the series. I’m still super annoyed about El Diablo…

3. Charlie Bradbury

As a diehard Supernatural fan since the beginning, I have noticed that they really like to kill off female characters on this show.

It was easy to ignore at first-  literally, EVERYONE dies on this show at least once ( some die several times over… * Cough* Mystery Spot)

Then, that quirky ray of sunshine known as Felicia Day made her appearance on the show as hacker/LARPER/Woman of Letters, Charlie Bradbury, and I was smitten.

Her delightfully sarcastic and upbeat persona hooked me from her first appearance and I was always stoked to see her name in the credits.

Then, you know, Supernatural did its thing and this happened.


She did make a brief return in the alternate timeline, but it just wasn’t the same.

2. The mess that was Star Wars: Battlefront

One of my absolute, all-time favorite video games is still  2005’s Star Wars: Battlefront II.

Look at it! It’s glorious

This game still gets played in my house every time I want to remember when Star Wars games could actually be good, old, carefree fun.

Sure, the new games are visually stunning- the scenery and graphics are far more immersive than the games of the past could ever be.

The gameplay, however, lacks that exciting *oomph* that the originals had. Beauty aside, the content just doesn’t seem to be there for me, and I’m still sad about that.

It does look spectacular!

1. Reboots. So. Many. Reboots.

Seriously, it’s enough already.

Hocus Pocus?! Um, no thanks. That’s a classic that needs no improvement.

Ace Ventura?

Alrighty then?

Big Trouble in Little China? Blade?

It would be nice if Hollywood could just stop ruining things that we love, that’s all I ask!


What are some completely irrational things you are not over yet? I’d love to know!